Punta Chame Tours Turtle Releases

Humpback Whales & Turtles 

Yes, the Pacific coast is home to sea turtles and humpback wales come for a few months each year to feed their little ones and mate in front of Otoque island close to Punta Chame. Enjoy the unique natural wonders and biodiversity that Punta Chame has to offer. 

Punta Chame Tours Whale Watching Humpback whales


Approximately 40 minutes by boat, leaving from Punta Chame and very close to Otoque Island we will find these incredible giants of the sea. We cruise around Otoque island, Estiva and BonĂ¡, where we will find whales that migrate in the crystal clear and cold waters to reproduce during the months of July until October. You also have the opportunity to see dolphins, turtles, nesting birds and much more marine life. 

After an unforgettable experience, we enjoy the beautiful lagoons surrounding the island, perfect for swimming, relaxing and snorkeling.

There are also other places along the coast where you can go whale watching keep an eye out for whale season.

Punta Chame Tours Turtle Release Baby Turles


Punta Chame is blessed with its long sandy beaches, which are also breeding grounds for different kinds of sea turtles which lay their eggs between July and November and are hatching until January. Sea turtles always go laying eggs to the beach where they were born.

Join one of the liberations and watch the little turtle babies starting their new adventure into the ocean. Learn a lot about this beautiful creatures and what is necessary to safe them from extinction.

The turtle conservation projects do a fantastic job to help the animals survive, but highly depend on donations. With your visit you support them and our beloved turtles.