Punta Chame Tours Island Tours

A day spend on the Ocean is always an Adventure!

Panama is home to more than 1.500 islands - each one with their own unique charm and characteristics. Two of these beautiful islands can be found in our Chame Bay and are reached in a few minutes from Punta Chame beach. Our tours start at Happy Corner and our trusted partners will bring you into a different world out in the Ocean. Please also check our Whale Watching Tours which operate between July and October.

Punta Chame Tours Otoque Island


From the South Beach of Punta Chame you can see the biggest island in the area from a distance - Otoque Island. The island reminds us of a Caribbean Island with its colorful houses, friendly people, rich vegetation and wildlife, its chilled out vibe and the crystal clear waters.
Each side of the island has a little village where you feel like you are in a totally different world, far away from the real life. The two towns are connected by a stunning jungle track which takes you up and down the island to discover the beauty this natural eco system. The track takes about 30-40 minutes and is worth the workout. Spend a day in the "Caribbean" and visit the beautiful Otoque Island.

After leaving Punta Chame Beach, we take between 30-45 minutes to head over into the crystal clear waters of the island. To make the journey complete, we take you to a lonely beach where you can even go snorkeling because the water is so clear. Bring your drinks and snacks to set up a lagoon picknick.
 On the way back you can enjoy the view of our favorite mountain - Cerro Chame - and sometimes we are lucky to see some dolphins or even whales, if we are in the right season.

Punta Chame Tours Taborcillo Island John Wayne Island


Take a very special trip back in time – visit the beautiful but at the same time spooky Isla Taborcillo. 
Only 3 km off the beach from Punta Chame lays the small and private island, which was once owned by the famous film actor John Wayne. In his honor, John Wayne City – a western-like resort and theme park were built which used to be a holiday destination for European and American tourists. Today, the so-called ‘John Wayne Island’, is totally deserted and resembles a ghost town where you rather not want to spend the night…
The island is also known for its unique nature and birdlife. If you are lucky you can even find some little monkeys or hummingbirds. Wander around the Old Town - Have a drink in the saloon, put your best friend into prison, find your favorite room, read the latest news about the town's cowboys and imagine how life would have been in the Wild Wild West.

We will meet you on the beach in Punta Chame and will take you, in only a few minutes by boat, to a totally different world. You can escape reality for a couple of hours - take a swim at one of the lonely beaches, discover the island and take some amazing photos. Take a journey back in time, learn about the story of this mysterious place, have some cold drinks and enjoy the day.