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Not only are we sisters but also best friends, soulmates and now also business partners. We could have not been any more different, growing up together and also having totally different lives after moving out from home. Though, today we share the same values, beliefs and call Panama our HOME. We are so grateful to have the chance to build up a life in Punta Chame, slowly building a sustainable business built on trust, love, hard work and fair conditions for everyone. We see our responsibilities in the community and want to be part of it - growing and evolving together. We want to make this world a better place for all of us, for our future and the future of our children. 

Punta Chame Tours About us

"Janina, my big sister - my rock, my stability, my everything… She was always my idol growing up, taking care of me all the time, always giving me her shoulder to cry on or a home when I came from one of my many travels. She has been the most generous and open hearted person that I know and we managed to always stay connected even if we were living on different continents. She married young, raised a wonderful son and a step daughter, was always working hard on a good life in Germany. After separating from her husband, she started following me around the world, getting a taste of the beach life, learning kitesurfing and getting to know a totally different lifestyle… Managing a Kita with 100 kids during the Corona pandemic and the stress that comes with it made her dream of a new lifestyle grow. I wanted her to be happy and free again and to start a new life which brings joy and excitement. I remember her crying each time she had to leave Punta Chame, as if the world was going to end… Her intelligent and creative mind let her figure out a way to live her dream - now living life in the tropics, creating her own reality and trying to be happy every day. My sister is the most kind and positive person in this world and I am looking forward to growing old together, creating more beautiful things, realizing more crazy projects, dancing through endless party nights, spending days out in nature and laughing together every day!“

Punta Chame Tours About us

"Kathi, my little sister - very big! She used to be a bundle of energy who always wanted to discover the world with an incredible thirst for knowledge. No hurdle seemed too high for her, no peak too rocky, no wave too strong. Always very determined, focused and structured, she loved taking on new challenges. So it was clear that a job in the office could not fill her and make her happy. The days in the year she had left for life's adventure were always numbered. So she searched tirelessly for a new way to discover the world at her own pace. She courageously quit her job and began a journey...first and foremost to herself...which eventually led her to Panamá. She fell in love with the country because it offered her so many different opportunities for adventure and experiences. Mountains to climb, waves to surf, wind to kitesurf and so much more...she liked it so much in Panama that she returned regularly in high season and stayed steadily longer. She founded Punta Chame Tours to show visitors her favorite places in the region, bring people together and create unforgettable holiday experiences. Kathi has been a kitesurf instructor for several years and loves to teach her students to kitesurf with a lot of patience, know-how and fun and is happy to share her successes with her students every time. Kathi - a cheerful and warm hearted person with many talents and interests - you make time fly!


Most people know Punta Chame for it’s excellent kitesurf conditions between December and April – though we think there is so much more worth coming for - you just need to take a closer look and you will discover beautiful places all around us. The whole area is a paradise for nature and ocean lovers and a perfect place to learn something about the real local life in Panama, which is probably very different from your life at home. Also if there is no wind or you are not a kitesurfer, we want you to enjoy this place as much as we do. Let’s discover the beauty around Punta Chame together. 

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We believe that the world would be a better place if we truly understood each other. We can learn so much from one another if we just get the chance to really dive into each others lives. We have always loved to bring people together, creating a melting pot for everyone to grow, just by talking to each other. This was for sure the reason to create our own little happy place „Happy Corner“ Bar & Restaurant. We wanted to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable, welcome and a bit like home, no matter if you are local, expat or tourist from far away. We need to create spaces to come together, to learn from each others lives and experience and to have some fun together. We want to grow our business with our local friends and families, who have helped us through the whole process, who need stable jobs, who need to learn English to continue working in tourism, who want to get to know people from around the world. We see education as one of our main responsibility - learning together, becoming better every day and making the world a better place one step at a time…

Punta Chame Tours Anton Valley


Truly everyone is welcome in our Happy Corner or on one of our trips - we love to meet every single one of you and show you around town. We will always try to give you the best experience possible, though please note that this is a very new and small business so please excuse us if the language is not totally perfect yet or we make little mistakes on the way. We are in the process of learning and becoming better every day to give you the best experience possible. We like to learn from our mistakes and are always happy for your honest feedback to improve our skills and services.

If you are booking any trips with us please read the description of the trips carefully and if you are not sure about the physical requirements, please ask us beforehand. We want to give you a good time with us and send you home HAPPY.

Punta Chame Tours Happy Corner Bar & Restaurant