Punta Chame Tours Anton Valley



Punta Chame is known as a small and friendly fishing village, surrounded by beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula is only a 2-hour drive away from Panama City in the direction of Costa Rica and is worth a visit. Blessed with great and reliable winds from December until April, most people come here for watersports and especially for kitesurfing.

But actually, there is so much more to discover if you have a closer look and if you know where to go. We want to show you the hidden spots and the real beauty of this piece of earth - the place we love and call our home.

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What to do in and around Punta Chame...

Punta Chame Tours Cerro Chame

Cerro Chame

Our backyard mountain offers the best views over the whole Chame Bay and surrounding beaches. You definitely will not regret waking up early for this amazing hike.

Punta Chame Tours Anton Valley Waterfall

Valle de Anton

The Anton Valley can be visited in a day trip. We will go hiking on our famous "India Dormida", swim in one of the many waterfalls and visit the cute town and art market.

Punta Chame Tours Los Cajones de Chame Chame Canyon

Los Cajones de Chame

The Chame Canyon is the perfect place to escape the heat, relax and explore. Swim through, jump from the sides or just enjoy the fresh waters of our Chame River.

Punta Chame Tours Panama City Panamal Canal

Panama City

Embark on a thrilling journey to the vibrant streets of Panama City. Marvel at the engineering spectacle of the Panama Canal at Miraflores Locks and explore the historic charm of Casco Viejo.

Punta Chame Tours Otoque Island

Isla Otoque

The Islands you can see from the "Point" of Punta Chame are a different world close by. The waters around this Carribean style Island are crystal clear and home to a wide range of wildlife.

Punta Chame Tours Taborcillo Island John Wayne Island

Isla Taborcillo

So called "John Wayne Island", is a trip back into time where cowboys ruled the streets. Visit the ruins of this Western style Resort which used to be a holiday paradise.

Ocean Souls Kite School Punta Chame


Punta Chame's summer winds and long beaches are the perfect place to learn kitesurfing. Learn with one of our certified instructors at OCEAN SOULS Kite School in Punta Chame.

Punta Chame Tours Surfing Punta Chame Playa Caracol


There are a few very nice surf spots in Chame which work almost all year around. The long sandy beaches and endless breaks make it fun for all levels of surfing.

Punta Chame Tours Skydiving


Experience the thrill with Skydiving Panama, our trusted partner. Soar to incredible heights, capturing breathtaking views of Chame Bay and its surrounding islands.

Punta Chame Tours Whalewatching Punta Chame


These amazing giants of the sea come to mate and feed close the Otoque Island between July and October. Watch them chill out in the crystal clear waters or even playing around with their young ones.

Punta Chame Tours Turtle release Punta Chame


Panama is home to many species of sea turtles which come to lay their eggs between August and January. Watch the little ones get released into the wild and learn a lot about these endangered animals.